Blanca Phelps, ASW

Blanca Phelps, ASW
About Blanca

Blanca is a California Registered Associate Social Worker (ASW #115928) holding a Master’s degree in Social Work with specialization in Social Work with Military Families, earned in 2018 from Western New Mexico University.

Blanca’s counseling services cover a wide spectrum of mental health issues, including stress and adjustment, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, as well as addressing various forms of mental health concerns. She has a background in family advocacy, specializing in the prevention and response to child abuse, neglect, and domestic abuse/intimate partner violence.

Blanca’s qualifications extend into substance abuse prevention, where she is a certified prevention specialist for higher-risk substance misuse behaviors. Her work in this field includes evidence-based programs and practices for substance abuse counseling, early prevention intervention, and psychoeducational support.

Blanca is bilingual and can accommodate both English and Spanish speaking clients. This makes her accessible and accommodating to a diverse range of clients, enhancing her ability to provide valuable support and care.

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